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Character Haven: A Place for PC's to Run Rampant

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Vamping Good Times [Sep. 18th, 2006|06:44 pm]
Character Haven: A Place for PC's to Run Rampant

[State of Being |accomplished]

Greetings all, name's Butters and my character that I am playing right now is Master Lore Delamore.

Name: Lore Delamore

Level: 8

Class: Fighter (Gladiator)

Age: over 300+ years old, but looks as though he is around mid 20s to early 30s.

Race: Random (He uses polymorph potions ALOT as he started off human, then turned into a vampire, then reincarnated into a halfling, then ogre magi (into being vamp ogre magi), and now currently a high elf)*He is normally vampiric though*

Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral

Weapons: Magical battle axe that has an air elemental named Gustus in it and a magical long sword. Oh and recently a fish.

Str. 18
Dex. 15
Con. 17
Int. 14
Wis. 9
Char. 15

Family: Sorry ladies, Lore is taken as his wife is a half fairy assassin named Saffire. They have 7 (halfing fairies)and 23 duaghters that are (Ogre Magi fairy) children at current. (30 kids with more on the way)Also has a vampire hunter cousin named Selena that has a "loves to hate Lore" relationship.

Ultimate Goal in life: Becomming "God of Irony"

The reasons why Lore is a feared LEGEND with Lore-a-maniac fans include:

Lore's own kingdom being blown up at least five times by the drow, the elves, a few vampires, the Atlantis sky kingdom, and another. Lore has destroyed about that many kingdoms by himself.

Comes up out of a dungeon through a secret passage way to only start burning in a holy temple church. Chucks one of his follower fledglings at the clerics there, runs outside to yell "The clerics are molesting the children!" to have the paladins charge inside and kill the clerics.

Turned evil by a sword for a brief time, Lore then turned undead a village full of rednecks.

Lore got upset at the elves invading his kingdom, so he killed the elves and secretly took them back to the heart of the elven inner kingdom. (Elves in this game when turned by vamire blood makes them into nasty abomination demons) and then turned them vampiric before flying off. It got so nasty that it made war break out not only on the realm but also with the Gods and Goddesses themselves taking sides over it.

Giving Kane (Immortal evil vampire) for his going away gift as Kane serves his 1,000 year prison term ...a coloring book without any crayons.

killing six dragon riders with one single flying cow that Lore launched from a catapult....that all landed on one of the King's manners. The king was the one who sent them after Lore in the first place.

Lore was trying to stop an evil ritual and ended up stopping it by chucking in it the fairy kingdom's fairy prince. The potion started to boil towards exploding as Lore ran out of the room just as it exploded...with the fairy prince still inside the black pot.

Freeing the demon princess from the 9th level of hell onto the land. "What? She was polite!" Only to later on send her back to hell by placing a power gem on a dead stinky fish and beating her to death with it. He had also with his off hand stripped the demon princess of her dress and chucked inside the crayons he had forgot to give Kane for his coloring book. The crayons melted making it an even worst gift than the coloring book without any crayons as the crayons melted into nothing in hell.

When Lore was thought to be finally dead, Kathulu (God of Chaos) actually cried over the lost of Lore.

...just to name only a few things Lore has done.

I will be having my scanned images of my comic book version based on Lore's adventures shortly soon. The front cover is of Lore Delamore playing "guess who" with a beholder.
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Diamond - Master Thief [Jun. 1st, 2005|11:15 am]
Character Haven: A Place for PC's to Run Rampant

One of my more memorable characters is a half-elven fighter thief. He was spirited similar to a kender than elf or human. I remember once the party was dealing with a particularly cantankerous female ship captain, and to make her day, Diamond laid a full on kiss. The captain was none too thrilled but he was a rogue of hearts and got away with it. Diamond was always good at getting into trouble, but was always good in a fight. Whenever Diamond did something there was always a groan from the party, ie what has he gotten us into this time. But he was alway in front when the trouble started. Diamond has lots of panache. He and his patron god - Tymora - we're good terms because they were alike. Diamond is a gambler in all things, cards, women, and life. Just like a coin, life and luck can be good or bad, balance to all things. Quite a remarkable character.
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Shannon Truefaith - Cleric of Dianachet [Mar. 1st, 2005|08:26 pm]
Character Haven: A Place for PC's to Run Rampant
[State of Being |happyhappy]

This is one of the oldest characters I have and has adventured with almost all the other characters that had been in our group. Out of all the times she has saved the other p.c.'s butts the one thing they all remeber is when Shannon and about 6 other p.c.'s were in the abyss rescuing Waukeen and she ordered water in one of the bars. It was quite the bar fight, it ended when the hell hound puppy of one of our fighters kinda imploded/exploded from drinking the miscellaneous liquids he kept finding on the floor. That fighter was tickled that she hadn't started the fight for a change.

Save their lives, bring them back from the dead and what do they remember you for...an inadvertent bar fight!
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Welcome All! [Dec. 15th, 2004|09:15 am]
Character Haven: A Place for PC's to Run Rampant

[State of Being |creative]
[Battle Sounds |"Phantom of the Opera"]

This community has been created to allow the sharing of intriguing/unique characters in RPG's, their traits, and their stories. It must be said that posts can be made either IN CHARACTER or OUT OF CHARACTER, but should not be blended (prevent headaches). Posts can be about anything from the character's background stories, their ability stats, their latest wild encounter, their weapons, armor, etc. While this is a sharing community, to give proper respect to the original poster, please ask permission before borrowing ideas.
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